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Keene Web Works was established in 2005, as the new face of Creative-Imaging Design – our first website company, founded in 1995.

Our Goal at Keene Web Works is to give our clients an opportunity to compete with the best in their field, no matter what size their business might be.

We pledge to convey in our website designs, a pleasant viewing experience, an effective message and a look that reflects the professional image of your company.

Get Help and Learn WordPress. We Teach & Troubleshoot WordPress Websites over the phone or in person. We operate in Brattleboro, VT, also. Call 603-357-0643 Today!

Our Skills

Wordpress Training in the comfort of Your Home

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The Process:

  • We set-up a time to train.
  • We then require payment, right before our training session.
  • If we run into our limit and need more time, just buy another block to continue.
  • Get your website fixed-up the way you want, without hiring a full time website team.
  • You get to use our experience helping you create/edit the kind of WordPress website you desire.